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Sevdaliza releases mesmerising new single and album art

The singer-songwriter reveals new visuals for upcoming album

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Iranian singer-songwriter, Sevdaliza, is not so much a breath of fresh air but, rather, a full-blown gust. Her Middle Eastern beauty melds effortlessly with her contemporary art aesthetic. Simply looking at her captivating imagery makes one want to find her Spotify account and consume her catalogue entirely. Such is definitely the case with her most recent visual output, a lusciously vivid and fleshy treat that doubles as the cover art for her upcoming album, ISON.

The work is the result of a collaboration with sculptor, Sarah Sitkin, and sees Sevdaliza’s face recreated in silicone with meticulous detail. The lifelike replica of her face is placed upside-down upon another version of herself in bright-red mannequin form, with droplets of sweat adding a sense of visceral energy to the entire piece. The concept behind the work is based on Sevdaliza being the mother and caregiver of herself, not only in this life, but in her many past lives too – talk about mastering the art of self-care!

One thing’s for sure, Sevdaliza has enticed us all into her sonic and visual world yet again. The album can’t come soon enough.

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