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Sevens Clash is the brainchild of photographer Alexander Richter, designer Anthony Harrison and writer Sean Stewart with the three set to use this new moniker as an outlet for their collaborative efforts. For their first piece Sevens Clash connected with one of the stars of the Jamaican dancehall scene, Tommy Lee aka Uncle Demon during a week long expedition to the island and from which we can expect more stories on the current Jamaican music scene…

Born Leroy Russell and hailing from the Sparta side of the notoriously rough community Flankers, the 24-year-old Lee was already a hometown hero with a loyal fan base by the time Vybz Kartel a.k.a. World Boss brought him into the Gaza crew in 2010. Releasing a steady stream of hits since, Lee’s career has taken off. Kartel, meanwhile, is stuck in prison with two murder charges hanging over his head. A known studio rat, Kartel has a back catalogue of songs unlikely to be exhausted, regardless of the length of his incarceration. But the power vacuum that his absence has created has led to occasional flashes of internecine warfare within the crew. Still, things today are looking good for Gaza. Portmore Empire, which Kartel disbanded earlier this year, has been reborn as PG13, and Lee seems poised to carry the torch into the foreseeable future.

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