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Weekly updates

Rosie Simmons, our friend from across the sea, has been keeping herself pretty busy lately. But she managed to find some time to shoot with newly minted New Yorkers Jessi Wade and Tiffany Nicole Clark, aka Dark Sister. The spiritual siblings have brought their dark sonic brand from the South to the city, and by all accounts they’re taking it by (a dark and gloomy) storm. We made small talk with Clark and Wader about life on the road.

My name is…

J- Jessi Wade

T- Tiffany Nicole Clark

By day I…

J- Right now I nanny during the day. If it weren’t for that I would be sleeping and and getting iced coffee and stomping around with Tiffany, or if I was behaving I would be job hunting.

T- Am asleep

By night I… 

J- Lurk the streets of Bushwick, write and record with Tiff, go to Mr. Kiwi, play shows with Tiff, DJ with Tiff, wile out at events with Tiff, read, lurk, watch a lot of youtube vids.

T- Am making music, making mischief, meditating, burning incense, and drinking hot tea.

My favourite TV show is…

J- Arrested Development is real special to me, I infected Tiffany with it too. But to be honest it’s probably Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. Been a fan since season 1 on that. Also loved Stella before that died. Really love Aeon Flux, I never watched it when it was on MTV I just somehow borrowed the DVDs from someone and watched all that. Never actually watch TV just seek these out on my own time.

T- The Golden Girls

The last movie I watched was… 

J- Kick Ass 2 bootlegged online. Pretty dope. I love when you can see people getting up to go to the bathroom on the bootlegs. Fave movie I have seen bootlegged was Passion of the Christ, good moments.

T- I can’t even remember the name – some two-hour long conspiracy video on youtube about mind control and the secret Jesuit order.

The first album I ever bought was…

J- With my own money I think If It Was You by Tegan and Sara or Lest We Forget (Marilyn Manson’s compilation of hits), but for sure had Spice Girls on deck at an early age.

T- Pearl Jam –Ten and a meditation cd called Blue Loon (simultaneous purchase).

The last was…

J- the last album I actually paid money for was GEN by B L A C K I E, which I bought from him in compact disc form at his Shea Stadium show even though I already had it on my computer from bandcamp.

T- Lil B’s Rain In England on vinyl.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be…

J- working at MAC getting married to my coworker’s brother-in-law and buying a lot of shit for the dogs I would be able to afford to have in that situation.

T- Really disappointed in myself / very destructive.

I’m addicted to…

J- Do you really want this list? First things first CAFFEiNE mostly in the form of sweet brown but however I can get it is fine. Uh, screeching about cute dogs in the street, bathrooms, spaghetti, getting tattooed, basements, guayaki mate, apples and peanut butter, tuna sandwiches, picking my nose, youtube, conspiracy theories, Possum Kingdom by Toadies

T- Rose scented things and coffee with honey and coconut milk (it is not possible to be addicted to weed)

The best thing about touring is…

J- Everything. Travelling, meeting new people, playing shows everywhere, learning who you are over and over, driving at night and reaching new spiritual and comedic heights through delirious conversation with your best friend. TRUCK STOPS. The sense of freedom and serendipity, PARENTDiSE.

T- Definitely serendipity and inner clarity

The worst thing is…

J- When you are out of clean underwear, when you run out of gas or get a flat tire – but even those aren’t as bad as you’d think. When it’s over?

T- Probably bathing and shaving in bathroom sinks, I always cut myself. Or if you run out of money for food. Or when you are in a place and you wish you could just stay longer, maybe forever… but you got to keep truckin’.

My perfect gig would involve…

J- Playing in a basement or house show/DIY space I think. Everyone losing themselves and getting ass out ridiculous, sexually slam-dancing, good vibes, catharsis, transcending façade together. Would be cool to play with other weird noisy punk females, would be cool to get some new bruises and bleeders.

T- Playing under the ocean on Atlantean ruins, or in an underground city on a stage made of quartz. Or one of those clubs like you would see in triple x with fire and shit. Or we could just insert ourselves into The Crow 2 where the Deftones are playing this huge outdoor Day of the Dead Festival. I just really want to play while the apocalypse happens, the facade of society crumbles to the ground, and we all move out of the third dimension and into our etheric template forms.

The first gig I went to was…

J – Listen idk, but the first one that really mattered was Noisy New Years at Megachurch in Murfreesboro, TN. For a ton of reasons.

T – Damn, I don’t even know! I went to see N’Sync in 5th grade – they played at the Pyramid in Memphis before it became desecrated and shamed as a bass pro shop. I also went to a bunch of local shows with my friends in high school, our friends had this band called Misery Loves Company that we would go rage to at all-ages venues. We also went to see Jucifer at this deli and made our friend’s mom come with us so the big bouncer man would let us stay. It was dope.

The most important thing on my rider is…

J- our “rider” lol, just give us alcohol beverages and let us rage.

T- see attached photo “rider lol”  ~*~

rider lol

My hangover cure is…

J- Still haven’t completely figured this out but I think I’m getting better at handling it every time. I usually don’t get too hungover because my guardian angel reminds me to drink water before I fall asleep.

T- Not really drinking much. Staying up on the water. Coffee and mate will take you to space. Smoke a blunt or sumpin.

My fave youtube vid is…

J- Are you really asking for like all time fave right now FUCK. Um, I’ma come back to this

T-  Bollywood Thriller, Black Pug Head Tilt, Adorbz

J-  This sums up my love for tourettes guy and what i try to do for people in life, get them out of the butt and into the fuck). Shaye Saint John: Stumpwater Salad. We both love this one, I met this special person when I lived in LA a few years ago.

My computer’s wallpaper is…

J- A cute puppy goatse.

T- The attached picture tiled ~ “MAGIC SOAHC CHAOS CIGAM

Photography by Rosie Simmons