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Weekly updates

Hailing from Perth, Drapht has been doing his hometown proud this year with the success of his last album and now his appearances at festivals Big Day Out and Pyramid Rock slated for the Summer. As a part of our new ‘Small Talk’ festival series, we tossed the dude some sentences to finish and finish them he did. Tickets to Big Day Out and Pyramid Rock are available here and here.

 My name is…. Pauly Poltergeist

By day I… am the illusive see-through albino Scotsman, on the email.

By night I…. am the same see-through albino Scotsman, in the dark, on the couch watching TV.

My favourite TV show is… The Walking Dead. Well, at the moment anyway.

The last movie I watched was… Four Lions.

The first CD I ever bought was… Ice Cube, Lethal Injection.

The last was…. Lil Wayne. Carter IV.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… A roof carpenter, that gets sun burnt all year round.

The best thing about performing is… having people sing your songs back at you.

The worst thing is… cracking your ribs on some poor defenceless and yet unexpected fan’s head, with an awful attempt at a stage dive.

Another act I’m really keen to check out at the festival is… My brother man, Mantra. I am yet to see a show focusing on his new material. Can’t wait.

When I tour I like to… hear my tour friends and band members, Steve Hi-Hat and Cheeky Monkey, squabble over some stupid fucking Tiger Woods Golf game they play over some stupid fucking created wifi port. THE DREAM!

The last gig I went to was… My friends, and Perth’s very own dub royalty – The Sunshine Brothers, in Fremantle.

The most important item on my rider is… the blender.

The last thing I ate was… Brazil nuts.

My fave youtube vid is (link)… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq36Y-IN6fE

My computer’s wallpaper is… some shitty default Apple Mac leaf. Would probably have a picture of my cat otherwise. But I don’t have one of those either……