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Weekly updates

ESTA, not to be confused with the visa waiver form you fill in when flying to the US, is a LA-based producer and part of the Soulection collective. Amongst a host of other things, the Soulection crew (frequent collaborators: Sango, Ta-ku, Mr Carmack) oversee a record label and radio show. ESTA’s own work is a boutique mix of classic hip-hop cues, vinyl fuzz, treated vocals and a tasteful dose of trap, all blended into a warm, viscous ooze. (A really nice ooze. Trust us on this one.) Catch our chat with him below.

ESTA on tour

ESTA + Lakim + The Whooligan + Kanyon

9.00 pm, Friday June 27, 2014
Oxford Art Factory, NSW

CIRCO festival

2.00 pm – 10.00 pm, Saturday June 28, 2014
Claremont Showground Pavilions

My name is… Francis Esteban.

By day I… write music and eat.

By night I… write music.

My favourite TV show is… I don’t watch TV.

The last movie I watched was… Need For Speed.

The first album I ever bought was… Outkast’s Aquemini.

The last was… Taylor McFerrin’s Early Riser.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… A network engineer. [Laughs.]

I’m addicted to… potato chips.

The best thing about touring is… traveling, eating, and meeting new people.

The worst thing is… time differences. My biological clock is screwed.

My perfect gig would involve… a festival. With all of the Soulection fam and extended fam playing.

The first gig I went to was… Black Star and Pharoahe Monch.

The most important thing on my rider is… coconut water.

My hangover cure is… coconut water.

My favourite YouTube vid is… Cheeseroll 2009.

My computer’s wallpaper is… the Soulection Worldwide wallpaper.