Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

Flight Tonight is the new project of Edo Rafter, a regular fixture on Melbourne’s hip-hop club scene – you may know him from spinning tracks on a sweaty Saturday night at Favela Rock or part of the promotionally brilliant Opulent crew – but here he presents something different. Layered with glitchy vocals and tropical sounding-synths along with his own vocals, the ‘demo EP’ of Flight Tonight is a curious mix of the sounds of the UK bass scene along with some sunlit Melbourne-flavour. Inspired by his travels as well as his music collection, the demo is a tempting taste of things yet to come. Download below!

My name is… Flight Tonight

I live in… Melbourne

My EP is called… Flight Tonight – it’s a small collection of tracks I’ve made over the past few months.

Some of the things that inspired it are… a range of electronic music spanning post-dubstep, hip-hop, house and R&B. It was also inspired by things outside of my music headspace like my travels and my life.

Its cover art looks like… the Flight Tonight artwork made by Luke Brown.

My favourite track is… You – this was the first track I recorded vocals for that I felt were good enough to put out to the world. I also like it the most because I feel it best reflects the music I was trying to achieve with this project.

The person I can imagine listening to it is… wearing headphones.

My favourite mixtape would include… beats by Kira, like on that new Pepperboy Days of Grace EP!

When I’m not making music I… play hoops and watch hoops. Not sure what to do now that the NBA finals are over.

The last thing I downloaded was… a Young L mixtape called Enigma Theory. I’m really enjoying it.

The next project I’m working on is… right now I’m working on some new songs, working on ideas for a new EP, fixing up my studio to try and work on a live show. I’ve also been making a bunch of beats for Dyl Thomas from Polo Club, we’ve got some new stuff coming out soon that I’m pretty excited about.

More about Flight Tonight at bookaflighttonight.com
Photography by Michael Danischewski