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Weekly updates

Created from an array of sources, including his father’s record collection Jesse Futerman’s latest EP Fuse the Witches builds on his distinctive jazz/breaks sound and draws together samples of soul influenes, cinematic sounding string secions and vocals. From Canada, and out through the English label Jus Like Music, Jesse has expanded on his 2011 EP Super Basement and shares with us his influences and his power animal along with a free download of the EP below.

My name is… Jesse Futerman

I live in… Toronto, Canada

My new EP is called… Fuse the Witches

Some of the things that inspired it are… Spiritual jazz, old funk and soul records. Italian film soundtracks from the late 60s to mid 70s. A number of sample based artists also really helped influence the record: Kira Neris, 40 winks, Long Arm, Dj Alibi and Skalpel. 

It’s cover art looks like… A good ole bird. 

My favourite track is… Yusef. Milo from Sibian and Faun helped arrange it with me in his house in Montreal. It was a really fantastic experience, one I won’t soon forget. I had never collaborated (in the same room) with another producer up until then, so it was a really eye-opening experience. Apart from the fond memories, I have a fairly deep attachment to all of the sample source material, whether it be me sampling Yusef Lateef or Sarah Vaughn for the vocals. 

The person I can imagine listening to it is…A fine and sensitive gentleman who enjoys long walks on the beach… and also deli.

My favourite mixtape would include… Oh boy. I would have to say my very favorite “mixtape” or   “freetape” would have to be Red by Raja [here] Whether its the really offbeat humour on tracks like My Douglas or the absolutely genius Max Roach remix/cover on Raja’s Roach, the album has great consistency while maintaining a lot of variety. Pay attention to this guy! 

When I’m not making music I… I really enjoy working out to be honest. I find it really helps clear my mind, I’m a pretty anxious dude. 

Oh, I also enjoy vidja (keep it spelt like that huehue) games very much. I play a lot of 2d fighters on Dreamcast with a really good friend of mine, along with a number of online shooters.

Getting in touch with my power animal…

The last thing I downloaded was… Producer Deebs sent me a zip of his work most recently. It is really quite nice stuff, especially his drum programming. 

The next project I’m working on is… My first vinyl, which may be under an alias, not 100% sure yet. Hope to put that out sometime in 2013. Hope to be releasing some free stuff in the meantime!