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Weekly updates

Adelaide-based producer, Oisima, is a too-hidden talent. His latest EP Dusk Til Dawn is a kaleidoscope of lush synth-based beats, velvety vocals and an incredible saxophone that together make the kind of music I can only really describe as an eyes-shut-jaw-open experience. Aptly titled, the music simmers with nighttime emotion, and somehow evokes the feeling you get walking through deserted dusky streets until the warm melodies of dawn.

Signed to the Berlin label Herbede Records, with a full-length release on the way, it looks like this artist is going from well-deserved strength to strength. The cover of the EP is even designed by ACCLAIM’s own Joel VDK. We catch up with Anth for a few words about the release – and a very recommended download below.

My name is… Anth Wendt aka Oisima.

I live in… Adelaide, Australia.

My EP is called…
Dusk Til Dawn EP

Some of the things that inspired it are… being surrounded & inspired by friends making incredible music round the globe, artists like Kyson, Sina, Kwala & Galapagoose especially of late.

It’s cover art looks like… a Joel VDK masterpiece.

My favourite track is…
the opener Stone Blind, still gets me every time.

The person I can imagine listening to it is…
hopefully anyone with an open mind and curious ear.

My favourite mixtape would include…
a track from each and every one of my good friends.

When I’m not making music I’m…
cooking food and hanging with my girl and puppy.

The last thing I downloaded… was
 Good Paul – Find EP (Project Mooncircle), increeeeedible!

The next project I’m working on is…
my full length LP for end-of-year release.

Oisima’s Facebook and Soundcloud.