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Weekly updates

From jumping, summery vibes to chilled late-night mixes, Sydney producer, Lancelot, has had a busy year of beat-making. With the release of his debut EP, We Can Dance, under his belt, the next stop for 2012 will be Sydney’s Parklife festival on September 30th. We caught up with Lance to get some insight into the festival circuit and life on the road.

My name is…Lance

But people call me…Lance. At work they call me ‘Baby Jesus’ (The long hair and beard I reckon is what does it. The healing powers and general all-round wisdom probably helps as well…)

By day I…work as a full-time composer and write Lancelot tracks.

By night I…work as a full-time composer and write Lancelot tracks.

The first CD I ever bought was…probably something terrible. The first CD I remember ever getting as a present was the Pokemon soundtrack for my 11th birthday or something.

The last was…The Presets Pacifica signed vinyl/CD/poster/hologram thingy which I haven’t received yet actually. Thanks for reminding me!

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be…wishing I was making music.

The best thing about touring is…meeting awesome, like-minded creatives that share a similar passion.

The worst thing about touring is…when the latest checkout time a hotel will do is 11am and/or early flights/flying with a hangover… now I know why babies cry when the plane is descending for landing…

The three items I must have with me on tour are…my computer, iPhone charger and toothpaste.

The one thing I must do in a new city is…see its sights (if time allows).

I love the festival circuit because…people are ready to get weird.

The strangest thing that’s happened to me on tour is…hearing my Catcall Remix in a clothing store (similar to that of General Pants) when I was in Belgium for my Euro Tour.

When an audience sees my live show, they can expect…at the moment I am DJing..but when that live show is ready…fun times!

Lancelot plays Parklife Sydney on September 30. Visit the Parklife website for tickets and info. For more news on Lancelot, head to his Facebook and Soundcloud pages.