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Weekly updates

UK man Ali Wells aka Perc is a notable figure on the electronic dance music scene. Not only is this guy an internationally touring DJ and producer but he’s also a label owner and all round cool dude AND he’s headed to our shores shortly for a brief tour. Before getting on that plane however, Perc took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer our SMALL TALK questions and let us know all about the life and times of a beat wiz like himself.

My name is….  Ali Wells aka Perc

By day I…  run Perc Trax, produce, remix and travel.

By night I….  DJ and play live as Perc

My favourite TV show is… Mad Men recently, Steptoe & Son is probably my all-time fave though.

The last movie I watched was… The Descendants

The first album I ever bought was…  Huey Lewis & The News ‘Fore’

The last was…. Leichenschrei by SPK, I’m brushing up on my Australian industrial music ready for my gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be…  working at a music distributor or publisher. Something on the business side of things

I’m addicted to…. bourbon biscuits, beer and bass

The best thing about touring is… a direct connection to people and an instant reaction from the crowd. The complete reverse of working on something for months then waiting another 3 months to see if people dig it.

The worst thing is… when the travelling goes wrong. Missing a flight connection is a killer. I’ve not missed a gig yet, but I’ve had some close calls.

My perfect gig would involve… basement club, pitch black, strobe, smoke, sweat dripping off a low ceiling and a soundsystem where you feel every kick.

The first gig I went to was… not sure, probably some indie thing in Cambridge, UK.

The most important thing on my rider is… the right mixer, in good condition.

My hangover cure is… apart from more beer I’d say any greasy food and as much tea as you can physically drink.

My fave youtube vid is…

My computer’s wallpaper is…  a Nine Inch Nails wallpaper from around the ‘With Teeth’ period.

Tour Dates:

August 4th – Beat Connection, Kassel, Germany

August 8th – Krake Festival, Berlin, Germany

August 17th – When The Smoke Clears, Brown Alley, Melbourne, Australia

August 18th – Disconnected, One 22, Sydney, Australia

August 22th – Bootlg, Singapore

August 25th – Electric Deluxe @ Mysteryland, Netherlands

August 31st – Snafu, Aberdeen, UK

September 7th – Pole Group, Up Club, Madrid, Spain

September 14th – SSS, Bordeaux, France

September 22nd – Perc Trax @ Macronite, Limerick, Ireland

September 29th – Kiezinternat, Hamburg, Germany