Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

Proving there’s more to the Gold Coast than sandy beaches and questionable film clips is the talented producer, Sauce. His debut EP, Giblets & Gravy, is all about smooth beats and soul samples, and he gets down for some Small Talk with us.

My name is… Quinton Nicholson

I live in…  Gold Coast

My EP is called… Giblets & Gravy

Some of the things that inspired it are… My friends are a major inspiration on my music. I’ve been lucky to surround myself with some musically inspiring folk recently. That and the weather.

Its cover art looks like… Canned Giblets & Gravy. This will be the first product on my Sauce merchandise line!

My favourite track is…  Been Workin’. This track was put together in just a few hours, straight after a massive day of landscaping in QLD heat. The sample says it all, but I am particularly happy with the percussion. I love wonky beats and with this track, the layers of percussion all conflict with each other but are living in harmony… if that makes any sense.

The person I can imagine listening to it is…  Everyone, hopefully! I aim to create tracks with a raw underground sound and a popular sensibility. Bridge the gap.

My favourite mixtape would include… Mike Patton, Raymond Scott, Knxwledge & George Clinton.

When I’m not making music I…  am competing in motorsport with my old man, getting my landscaping business off the ground and crashing on everyone’s couch on my regular (weekly) trips to Brisbane.

The last thing I downloaded was…  Sango’s Da Rocinha, and  Knxwledge’s, Hexual Sealings vol.2

The next project I’m working on is… I am looking to collaborate more with musicians and vocalists. A track from my release, Chapter, was a joint effort between myself and a talented jazz pianist, Ed Ruben. His keys are the shit!