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Weekly updates

From Makati City in the Philippines, Jorge – Similar Objects – is part of the rising group of beatmakers currently pushing the envelope in the country. Taking inspiration from all things cosmic, he has released an instrumental EP that combines elements of melody and percussion to create an ambient sound. Released on the forward thinking label, Darker Than Wax, based in Singapore and set to put Filipino beats on a world-wide stage, Similar Objects answers our Small Talk questions below.

My name is… Jorge Juan Bautista Wieneke V (The Fifth)

I live in… Metro Manila in Makati City, Philippines

My new EP is called… Shift Frequency

Some of the things that inspired it are… raising vibrations, oneness, consciousness, the New Age, cosmic awareness, infinity and what is.

Its cover art looks like… a multidimensional being becoming aware of his multiple selves.

My favourite track is…PastMayanFuturePrincess

The person I can imagine listening to it is… anyone with an ear and a mind.

My favourite mixtape would include… samples from toy commercials from the early ’90s or earlier (I used to love watching toy commercials), spliced maybe with some clicks and beeps from audible hits around the house.

When I’m not making music I… spend a lot of my time reading, writing, meditating and cooking.

The last thing I downloaded was… this cool local band from around here called The Bee Eyes and their new EP called Honeymoon. It’s a sweet release you should check it out…

The next project I’m working on is… a beat tape made using just hardware and vinyl records – it’s in the works, it’s gonna be called Isolation Room Vol. 1: Latin Mood. After that I have a bunch of things I’m also working on.

Download here:

Similar Object’s Facebook and Soundcloud