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Weekly updates

Getting bored with your run of the mill Call of Duty voice overs? Activision has your back. The latest DLC from the gaming mecca comes in the form of a COD: Ghosts gameplay voiceover, courtesy of Snoop himself, and yes… it’s as dope as it sounds.

If you’ve never played COD blazed (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) it’s time to toke up and get Calvin involved in your next team death ASAP. For only $2.99 you can replace “enemy down”, with “sayonara muthafucka” and respawns become… “Homie’s out the joint, it’s party time”.

As dope as the initiative is by the Activision team, It raises two major ethical dilemmas:

1) Why has it taken this long?
2) How long before EA get on board and replace Martin Tyler and Alan Smith with Snoop and Danny Brown? (Girlfriends beware.)