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Is it just me, or does everyone have that one friend who swears they can actually understand every single word Desiigner says? Well now you can prove they’re lying with the new game called, What is Desiigner Saying?  It’s pretty self-explanatory, basically, a short video snippet of one of Desiigner’s songs is played and the player is to then required to choose the correct answer from four multiple choice options. And you have only three incorrect guesses before you lose the game. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how challenging and addictive it is. After the 19-year-old rapper uploaded a YouTube video reading the lyrics to ‘Panda’ in slow-mo, it comes as no surprise that the new game came about.

And whether you’re actually a fan of the G.O.O.D. Music signee or not, you have to admit, this might make for a pretty good drinking game tbh. Check out the online game/quiz/brain-teaser here.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

Weekly updates