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The OutKast rumour mill has been growing steadily since the announcement of the Coachella headline spot that saw the pair back in the limelight earlier this month. First a 40-date festival tour was announced, though there’s no word of the when and where of it yet. Then former manager Queen Latifah let slip about a new album from the pair, before denying it on Twitter.

Now, rumour has it that Andre 3000 and Big Boi are each working on solo efforts. The group’s producer Mr. DJ told REVOLT that the pair are working at Staktonia Studios in Atlanta and that Andre will release a solo album this year, with a whole lot of material prepared already. Big Boi does too for his own project, according to Mr DJ. He’s also given new hope in light of Queen Latifah’s denial of a new OutKast record, saying that the pair’s tour may set them in good stead for putting together another album:

“I get the feeling that the energy and camaraderie from the tour will bring everything full circle. We may make it back in for an album following that.”

From this it seems that if all goes well, the pair will embark on their festival tour, release solo projects, then put out an album. Big Boi also spoke to REVOLT TV, giving the reason behind the duo’s reunion:

“It’s for the fans, you know? Can’t wait to get onstage with the brother 3 Stacks and kill ’em.”

OutKast went on hiatus back in 2007, and haven’t performed together since 2004. This year marks the 20th anniversary of their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. And while the rumours grow,  if these solo LPs are a true thing, it could mean that fans have to wait a little longer for a new OutKast album than first thought.

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