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The hype around Schoolboy Q’s forthcoming album Blank Face has been at an all-time high, especially since he confirmed the July 8 release date and then dropped the Crying Jordan meme-inspired album cover. Or so we thought. Everyone was so excited by the sheer possibility of new information from the TDE rapper, that we didn’t realise we were being trolled. Again.

Speaking with TMZQ reveals that he had a whole series of ‘album covers’ to roll out, inspired by its title, but people just ran way too far with the first concept that he only managed to unveil the first effort and the ‘deluxe’ Donald Trump version before calling off the whole thing. I’m sure people would have caught on after a few more iterations of famous blank faces but Q obviously has his fans’ backs and put us all out of our misery with confirmation of the official album cover a few hours ago. Of course, this was after he gave the dudes over at TMZ a sneak peek direct from his phone.

In keeping with the borderline horror movie vibes of his last audio-visual releases, the actual cover art is creepy af, with a blank face figure lurking in the background of a crimson-hued wilderness. Through smoke and branches, the character is wearing a brimmed hat, glasses, and fur-collared jacket (is that you, Q?). Much more on-brand, if you ask us.

Anyway, add this to the countless other episodes of “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”, even if it did come direct from the source itself. Although after Kanye’s pre-Pablo campaign, we should all really know a lot better by know. It ain’t safe.

Schoolboy Q’s Blank Face LP is set for release on July 8.

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