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Weekly updates

Ahh the 90’s, a time when mixtapes reigned supreme, a time when you’d happily wait an entire day to hear your favourite song on the radio just to tape it, and then listen on repeat.

Well, the Melbourne Mixtape Exchange is reviving the past by getting people to create mixtapes then swap them with total strangers. Pick a list of your favourite songs, compile a mixtape, bring it down to Bella Union tonight at Trades Hall and swap yours for another.

The Melbourne Mixtape Exchange blog gives you a platform to tell everyone all about the experience, and the team is currently working on a zine to see this project live on well after tonight’s shenanigans are over.

The fun starts at 9.30 tonight, so get taping while there’s still time.

DJs, dancing, and guaranteed good times all round.

Level 1, Trades Hall, Melbourne.