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If you take any pride in your own personal space, you know that choosing gear for your home is no easy feat. Finding something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing (and preferably within a reasonable budget) can sometimes be an impossible task but we think the creators behind the Nepsu Triangle have hit all the marks.

The Nepsu Triangle was customised to create a great sound. Boasting a smooth and strong high-quality audio, it is compatible with all your devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) and can be controlled through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or an audio cable. The three-cornered speaker can be personalised by magnetic plates which come in a variety of colours and patterns depending on the style of your space. And with its spatially aesthetic design, the eco-friendly wireless speaker looks subtle and stylish.

The Nepsu team are currently in the middle of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which has already achieved over 75 per cent of its funding with 19 days to go. You can find out more info (and opt in early) here if you’re super keen, and await its arrival in October.

Have a closer look at the product in the gallery above.


  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

Weekly updates