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This episode of RBMA‘s Beatmakers Roundtable Lecture, stars three of hip-hop’s greatest Atlanta-based artists from the past decade, Zaytoven, and Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin. The talented producers discuss their progress from when they started out in the music industry to where they are, how they make music and sample, their definition of trap and even how they split the profits from their collaborations, (spoiler alert: it’s amicably split straight down the middle). 

When asked why Atlanta raises so much talent, Zaytoven answered, “The city has so much flavour to it – I mean from dressing to loose slang and lean and stuff like that, that’s where our style comes from. You know Atlanta, that’s what we breathe.”

Quote highlights:

“Timing is everything – it’s really about moments.” –  Sonny Digital,

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.” –  Metro Boomin

“I never thought about making it in the music industry. I didn’t make beats to try make it be a big producer, it’s just something I enjoy.”   – Zaytoven 

Even if you aren’t familiar (how could you not be) with the artists responsible for the “strongest sounding music today”, you’ll still enjoy watching the above lecture and meeting the individuals behind the hit tracks.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

Weekly updates