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Travis Scott climbs roof at Listen Out, has zero chill

"I’m the only dumb ass that should be up here"

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Note to self: don’t fuck with Travis Scott. The Listen Out festivals may be coming and going but Scott’s performances are still causing a lot of hype, mainly due to his hectic climbing skills.

The American first climbed onto a roof when performing ‘Pick Up the Phone’ at Sydney’s Listen Out.  He then started ‘Antidote’ before halting it. Some security guards thought it would be a good idea to join Trav on the roof, in a bid to get him down. What a mistake. “Get down you fucking dumb asses. I’m the only dumb ass that should be up here,” he told them. “Fuck you.” The crowd was not happy at all; a wave of water bottles and drinks were subsequently thrown at the guards. “They tried to kick me off stage. That’s why I came up here,” Scott proceeded to preach. Check out some of the fan videos for an intense crowd perspective.

“They tried to kick me off stage. That’s why I came up here” @travisscott #listenout #laflame #travisscott #part1

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Well, it looks like the 24-year-old didn’t learn his lesson; footage has now emerged of him climbing onto the roof at Brisbane’s leg of the Listen Out series. “WE HAVEN’T PERFORMED ON A ACTUAL STAGE IN A WHILE NOW,” he captioned his Brisbane performance below. We’re sure he’s giving tour organisers a migraine.

Check out the footage of Scott’s major “fuck you” to Sydney security guards in the gallery above – we all have our own metaphorical security guards that we’d love to speak our minds to, right? While you’re at it, check out his videos for ‘Pick Up the Phone’, ‘Antidote’, ‘Don’t Play’ and ‘Mamacita’.

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