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This one’s from the hip-hop archives: Tupac and Biggie together during times of east coast/west coast paz and jubilation both wearing t-shirts with the statement “I’m a Bad Boy” written across the front. FTW?!

This and other vintage relics, like the photo of Method Man getting stoned and the one of Lauryn Hill wearing baggy outerwear, come from T. Eric Monroe’s portfolio scrapbook of hip-hop’s wonder years. Monster Children recently spoke to Monroe about his prolific photography career, particularly the shot he took of Biggie and ‘Pac.

“I didn’t think about it for years. I didn’t even know it existed for years … until many years later … I was like, ‘Fuck, Biggie and ‘Pac in the same picture together and they’re all wearing ‘I’m A Bad Boy” shirts.'”

He also talks about being there when Ol’ Dirty Bastard came back from jail as Big Baby Jesus.

Check the entire portfolio on his site and featured in the Monster Children 2013 photo issue.


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