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If you follow A$AP Rocky on Instagram, it’s highly unlikely you missed his recent virtual exhibition of art and photography which had people scrolling through tons of blank squares in their feeds. Robert Gallardo, who collaborated with Rocky on the Instagram piece, described the project to Complex as “trying to deliver modern day fine art”. If you were spared the scrolling and weren’t following Rocky at the time, you can check out most of the culminated works in our gallery above.

Unfortunately, all art comes at a cost and for Rocky, that meant losing over 100,000 followers. And yes, I was one of 100,000 who also unfollowed the Harlem Rapper (soz, Flacko). Reflecting back on his page now, I’ll acknowledge that the idea is dope. But it really wasn’t worth the amount of hassle and frustration it caused at the time. Don’t lie, the first time you saw him doing this on your feed, you thought your Insta was busted.

It’s unlikely we will see other rappers follow suit knowing the consequences could mean they lose some of their core following (looking at you, Akon). But you’ll never know.

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