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Weekly updates

Larry: Do you ever plan to expand, do you ever want to do things musically other than rap?

Tyler: That’s what I do now– like, um, that’s the thing, I really want to sing but my tone of voice is too deep to do what I want, so now I’m just listening to Isaac Hayes and Barry White and things like that just to see how they use their voice but I hate rapping. Only because it puts you in this like, box.

And so begins one of Tyler, the Creators more serious interviews with Larry King on the show¬†Larry King Now,¬†in which Tyler dissects the meaning of Nigga and how it shouldn’t offend. Why he doesn’t give a shit that the president is black, how social media is making kids stupid and his love of freckles, Jennifer Lawrence and being called a renaissance man by the king himself.

Click the video above to watch it in full.