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Inside the Life of Vetta Borne

Fresh from the release of her sophomore EP ‘Emelia’, the Melbourne-based multi-talent talks us through her musical journey.

Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Vetta Borne leads a life that is beautifully intertwined with music. Before the birth of Vetta Borne, lived Maribelle, an artist in her own right with multiple, notable hits under her belt like ‘I’m A Mess Without You’. Not only that, but Maribelle also graciously loaned her talents to other artists, building herself a stunning portfolio of songwriting and production credits on tracks like George Alice’s ‘Circles’, as well as having smashing features on songs such as Young Franco’s ‘Girls Don’t Cry and Caramada’s ‘On Fire’’. Now, what is arguably her final form, Maribelle has evolved into her most authentic, creative self: Vetta Borne.

So your sophomore EP Emelia is set to be released soon, what’s the general feeling leading up to the release of this project?
I’m definitely excited. I’m a little nervous because I wrote those songs a year ago so it’s kinda weird reliving those experiences and listening to those songs again but mostly excited! I’m definitely excited to put it out.

What is Emelia about, and what can we expect?
Emelia is definitely about reconnecting with myself and there was a lot of self-realisation and learning about myself and learning how I deal with different experiences. So I think that’s something you can expect, just a lot of wholesomeness.

I think a good question to ask is, for those who are seeing and hearing you for the first time, who is Vetta Borne?
Vetta Borne is… I don’t know, I think a lot of people would know me as Maribelle who is- I’ve released music as Maribelle before but I would say that Vetta Borne is a… a new bitch. She’s an elevated version of Maribelle and just a more in touch with herself version of Maribelle.

Before Vetta Borne was brought into the world, you were doing your thing as a vocalist and as a songwriter, how did that all start out?
I mean I was writing songs for a lot of other artists before I even thought about being a singer. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, even just as a kid and I just found myself flowing naturally into that world. It was more other people and artists as well that would ask me like, why aren’t I doing an artist project and I’d be like, you’re right, why aren’t I doing an artist project? I can sing, I can sing a little bit! So honestly like the artists and manager, it was the people who pushed me to be an artist.

So I know Vetta Borne was a way of paying homage to your grandmother, how does your family inspire and influence your music and artistry?
I have grown up in a Filipino family so they’re very, very musical. My dad plays guitar, my parents were in church choir so I’ve just always been surrounded by it. Even growing up my sister used to write songs… secretly! But I would steal her little journal and be all like, ha-ha, ima write a melody to this! (laughs) But I just- I’ve always been surrounded by it but you know, they love that I’m involved in music as well.

I love that. So not only are you a singer-songwriter but you’re also a producer, how has working on the production side of things helped shape you as an artist?
Producing the EP has just been so freeing. I have a lot of creative freedom and I kinda trust myself a lot more than I did before because I’m the only person in the room to ask (laughs) if I think an idea is cool so, it’s definitely shaped me in a way that I know myself better and I know the things that I like in music and just how to finish them as well, and make them still feel genuine and authentic.

You’re also a wicked bass player, I mean you’re already multi-talented, is there any other area of music you’d like to master?
I don’t think it ever ends. I think there’s always a new thing every week that I wanna try, like, I wanna play the saxophone one day, there are so many things and even with producing there are so many little elements I think I can definitely improve on and that I wanna be better on so it never ends! (laughs)

Definitely! With the lockdowns that we’ve all had to experience, for a lot of artists, they’ve used this time to really hone their craft. How have these lockdown experiences been for you and have they been positive when it comes to your music?
It’s definitely been positive when it comes to my music and also for my mental health, music really helped me because I just locked myself in the studio the entire lockdown and then I looked up and I was like, oh my god, it’s been like 8 months, how’s everybody else doing, oh my god I’m like waking up from this slumber, what’s happening (laughs). So it was a positive thing for me fortunately and I’m thankful for that.

That’s awesome. So I know you have your own bedroom studio, is that something that you set up because of lockdown or was it always there?
I’ve always made music out of my bedroom because it’s the place I feel most comfortable in, so yeah during the lockdown, before lockdown and after lockdown, I’ve just been in my bedroom!

It must be very personal as well as intimate, creating your art from scratch in your own bedroom, that’s like your own safe haven. What’s your most favourite song that you’ve made in your bedroom?
I think that ‘Kissing Strangers’ is my favourite song I’ve made in my bedroom, just because it was one of the first times that I was really vulnerable with myself and honest in my lyrics, and I was proud of myself for that.

Yeah, that song is like a fabulous pop anthem as well as a stunning music video but the lyrics are quite personal and talk about heartbreak, making difficult decisions and that’s sorta like a running theme in your new EP.  How does songwriting help with your growth as a person?
I find songwriting to be very therapeutic and kind of like how other people would journal about their days, that’s what I do but with songwriting, so it definitely helps me in so many other ways that I couldn’t explain (laughs). 

I get that. So you also have 2 tracks off Emelia that are very 90’s inspired, you know ‘Beyonce’ which is already released and ‘Luv On U’ which the world will soon hear. I can even see the influence in your style and in your aesthetic. What would you say is your connection to that era?
Oooh, I mean I’m a 90’s baby so I grew up surrounded by 90’s music and my sister had me listen to Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and everything like, to do with the 90’s so it’s a part of me that I don’t think I’ll ever let go of. 

Who are your musical inspirations?
My music inspirations would definitely be Prince because he produced and wrote all his stuff and he’s also just the badddest dude in the world, he’s so cool. Janet Jackson of course is one of my favourite people in the world, Mariah Carey and also, Ne-Yo, he’s also the reason I started writing music so yeah, Ne-Yo too.

Melbourne is such a creative hub, how has it been living in the city while working on your artistry and trying to pursue a career in music?
It’s been incredible. I think with things slowly opening up again, I’ve started going to more shows as well and kinda experiencing more Melbourne artists and finding new people as well so like, they inspire me all the time. It’s such a small community in Melbourne so everyone’s really supportive as well and we all just wanna see each other do well which I think is really cool.

Beautiful. What’s one of your huge goals you’d like to achieve in music?
Oooh (laughs),  I would love to actually write a full album, that would be awesome. Maybe like 12 songs or something like that. I think that would be a cool opportunity and maybe to play like a big festival one day, like Coachella or something incredible like that. Something overseas, that’s definitely a goal of mine. 

Absolutely. So what would you say is the next move for Vetta Borne?
The next move… I would say I definitely wanna play some more shows. Hopefully around Australia as well, more collaborations with other artists and… more music!

And do you think you’ll give us any more music videos with the release of your EP coming up?
I hope so! There’s definitely more video content coming out but yeah, we’ll see about the music video, hopefully, we can make something work.

Follow Vetta Borne here for more and stream ‘Emelia’ below.

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