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Weekly updates

Someone I know was talking to me about how much they hated the group Das Racist one time and likened them to just being a hipster-friendly LMFAO and to be fair this is at times a fair comparison, much like junk food, the gimmick rap thing isn’t something you can generally stomach too much of but it can be satisfying as fuck at the right time. But anyone who derives their name from a skit from Wonder Showzen gets a pass from me!  Plus this video for their new single ‘Girl’ is pretty great. Great if you enjoy stalking and expressive dance (I do). Dude kinda reminds me of the sexy sax man. Enjoy.

Directed by: Aristotle Athiras
Produced by: Goatface Comedy
Girl: Hayley Marie Norman
Lance Cantstopolis: Fahim Anwar