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Pharrell once again displays his commitment to creativity and all round awesome art-boy dreaminess in this video where he is in conversation with the contemporary American pop artist Jeff Koons. In the piece they discuss the power of art and how Koons began in the industry. But all I could really concentrate on was how good Pharrell looks for 40…

Koons has been in the spotlight again of late due to his involvement with Gaga’s Art Pop album and he is an interesting character for sure. I love his work but he is one creepy motherfucker. The whole marriage to Cicciolina was a big TMI. Case in point, this series. Those hairy thighs are burnt onto my retina. Errrgh.

A friend actually mentioned Koons on Facebook today in relation to Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’ video and made some pretty interesting comments, basically saying that the ‘Bound 2’ video is reminiscent of the ‘Made In Heaven’ series Koons created with his pornstar wife but while Koons’ work is celebrated as a benchmark of postmodernism, Kanye’s clip is deemed laughable and perhaps the reason why is because generally society still doesn’t see rap, a predominantly black cultural form, as artistically legitimate. Maybe our ideas of what makes ‘good’ art is still based on a modernist idea of culture that sees things as having an inherent value (classical music – good, rap – baaaad) based on its history and perceived legitimacy (white – legitimate, black – illegitimate).

Interesting comparison, no?

Anyway, watch the discussion above. I’m pretty keen to check out the retrospective next summer at the Whitney. And not just because I might bump into Pharrell…

P.S I saw that Puppy artwork at Sydney Harbour in like 1994 and it was incredible. I was like 9 and didn’t even know it was art. Now that’s a good piece of art.