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Weekly updates

In this interview with 2 Chainz on Power 105, which nearly breaches half an hour, Tity Boi reveals his plans to release a cookbook alongside new album B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time. In what at first seems like a completely random notion soon makes sense when he reveals that he sees being in the rap game is like being an athlete.

Recognising that high blood pressure is the leading cause of death amongst black men, 2 Chainz reveals his own health problems (ulcers and acid reflux), and says that doing 700+ shows means taking care of yourself and eating healthy. The rapper goes on to say that he hates being told that he “eats like a white person”.

The recipes in the cookbook will range from 14 to 15 depending on how many tunes make the album. Swag aprons may even be involved and if his Instagram feed is anything to go by, the cookbook might be more sought after than the new album.

Mica Nantes