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It’s rare to see rappers actually freestyling on air these days. In 2015, you’re usually getting people saving face in a high-octane hip-hop game by spitting something that looks a little like a freestyle, but obviously isn’t. This is why Rocky’s¬†appearance on Sway in the Morning is extremely entertaining. Although his lyrical content isn’t great, it’s admirable of him to perform a live freestyle with no pre-written fake raps. It’s just a freeform rhyme about his thoughts and the topics that Sway gives him and it’s refreshing to see that kind of casual enjoyment. Especially since it’s coming from someone trying to maintain a level of props right after the release of a sophomore album.

Rocky admits that he’s not the best at freestyling, but he enjoys it and highlights its importance in his creative process when making music.¬†Check out Lord Flacko freestyling and talking about his music in the gallery above.

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