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I bet you never thought it would be possible to translate the lyrics

“We sex again in the morning, your breastases is my breakfast

We going in, we be all night”

from the mouth of Jay-Z into a series of innocent little emoji’s did you? Well you were wrong, because it happened, and now there is no turning back.

Beyoncé enthusiast and now Internet legend, Jessie Hill decided he would tackle the track and recreate the entire thing using solely emoji’s. This probably shouldn’t be so entertaining, but it most definitely is, all 5 minutes and 24 seconds of it. Although you will never look at the eggplant the same, and you may choose those hand gesture emoji’s a little more carefully next time, all up it’s pretty impressive.

This video takes creating strings of sexually connotative emoji’s to a whole new level.

Aka this is now has now been deemed obsolete.



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