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We’re not blessed with Lucky Charms breakfast cereal here in Australia but, by all accounts, it’s one of the many American foods we’ve come to yearn for, thanks to its prevalence in the US pop culture we consume. I mean, it just seems like a really fun way to start the day. They’ve returned to our attention once again by tapping one of rap’s legendary voices, Biz Markie, for their latest giveaway campaign. The rapper and beatboxer has appeared in a commercial, featuring a rework of his 1989 hit ‘Just a Friend’, to spruik Lucky Charms Marshmallow-Only offering.

Touted as ‘the unicorn of the cereal world’ this iteration is pretty much what it says – an entire Lucky Charms box devoid of the boring oats and only including the delicious marshmallow bits. Every child’s dream, really. Of course, you have to work for this kind of reward, so there is an accompanying social media competition included.

How Biz managed to become involved in this is still a little hazy but the clip is equal parts sugary sweetness and just plain weird; which is also probably a pretty accurate description of most kids’ animated series nowadays.

Check out the clip in the gallery above.

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