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We already know Nardwuar had gotten back into his deep research and overly personal interview game since his health scare but now he’s back on some major key shit. While at SXSW, Nardwuar got busy taking selfies with many of the artists and, as we were hoping, locking down a few more iconic interviews. His latest subject needs little introduction, mainly because he will gladly announce himself if airhorns aren’t already blazing in the background—DJ Khaled AKA Young Icon AKA The Biggest King of the Anthems.

As always, The Human Serviette delves deep into Khaled’s musical influences and career history, even bringing up the time he worked as bus boy before he won his first DJ competition. Khaled is obviously impressed—”I praise you, you know a lot”—until things start getting a little too close to home and you can see the We The Best founder start to question if the music journo is actually with “The People”.

You already know when you get two of the most distinct characters in music together, some entertaining shit is going down, so hit play on the video above to check the whole conversation. And with his Beats 1 radio show already attracting some of music’s biggest names, let’s hope Khaled manages to convince Nardwuar to tell his own story on air soon.

Weekly updates