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Los Angeles-based producer Djemba and 20-year-old Melbourne vocalist Maribelle have joined forces for their new joint project. The electronic and R&B inspired duo, aptly named Djemba & Maribelle, revealed their first single ‘Shout’ with the accompanying video inspired by Saved By The Bell. The track features Maribelle’s empowering vocals over an upbeat, house-inspired backdrop.

Maribelle describes the origins of the track, saying: “Things come together naturally when you share the same vision and passion for music with somebody. ‘Shout’ is about being real with yourself and letting go of the things that are visibly ruining you. If you can’t see it, the people who love you generally can. We wrote ‘Shout’ because we felt like people could definitely relate to it on a personal level, whether it be about themselves or somebody they care about who is going through a hard time.”

‘Shout’ is the first single to come out of the fresh new label Crush Club—which Maribelle co-founded—and it’s going to be one to watch, so make sure you stay tuned. Check out the lyric video for ‘Shout’ above.

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  • Words: Livelle Mobley

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