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The first thing to come out of Drake’s camp for a minute, “Jungle” is a definite reason to take an extra 15-minute break from your workday (I mean, TGIF right?). Featuring footage of a yung Aubrey jamming with his dad, getting into clubs, interspersed with ‘present-day’ Drake’s journey, “Jungle” is part-anecdotal, part-super-produced-video-clip and all the way in your feelings.

And while many of us first fell in love with Drake during his Degrassi phase, we all know this flick isn’t just about him flexing those acting chops. With a musical score created by right-hand man and hit-maker Noah “40” Shebib, I have a pretty strong feeling we’ll be hearing a lot of these sounds in full in the (hopefully) near future. Views From The 6 is rumoured to be released later this year. Watch ‘Jungle’ in full, above.

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