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A new video for Drake’s ‘We’ll Be Fine’ has surfaced and it’s directed by Parisian filmmaker Mikael Colombu, whom you can find in ACCLAIM #31 ‘The Loud Issue’.

The twist: This upload has not come from Drake’s camp, and, for legal reasons, the audio has been replaced with a Verdi number.

The video itself is doused with CGI and cinemagraphs and shows Drake performing with laser beams coming out of his eyes, Aaliyah as an angel, a topless bust of Nikki Minaj, and one of Drake’s homies as a floating armoured torso. Yeah, I don’t have the slightest clue what the fuck it’s about but the visuals are compelling.

For those of you who aren’t down with it’s melancholy violin score we’ve taken the liberty of putting it on YouTube Doubler so you can watch the clip with all the energy of the original song. (For best results, mute the player on the left.)

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