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Weekly updates

Yesterday Earl Sweatshirt‘s album, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, was announced and as we reported, he was mad pissed about it. It wasn’t that he was hacked, or that the album leaked, his label just fucked up the release something stupid and didn’t roll out the album as Earl wanted them too. At the time it wasn’t exactly clear why he was “Livid” on Twitter and personally thanking @SonyMusicGlobal for fucking up the album drop, but now we know.

Last night at about 11:30 AEST Earl dropped the music video for ‘Grief’ along with a couple of insights how he envisioned the drop of IDLSIDGO. He said on Twitter that he wanted the video for ‘Grief’ to come out first so we could process it without any album-related distractions. This is fair as once the world had news of the album, any glances at ‘Grief’, which was only released as audio, were merely cursory as apprehension of a new project took all of our attention. He also said that details of the album would be more mysterious as we wouldn’t know the track list which at this point, he sees as “unnecessary”.



The video for ‘Grief’ offers heat-visioned hues of a “final lament and epilogue” to what is most likely his grieving for his grandmother. Darkness is literally cold in the video and the faces of figures lurking around Earl are stripped of humanity, coming across like idle zombies. The video ends with Earl confronting an ethereal figure he’s segregated from by water and then leaves him alone surrounded by music. It’s either a very heavy and open attempt at closure, or I’m just taking a high school English approach to a sick visual effect.

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