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Brian Mooney is a 29-year-old teacher from High Tech High School in New Jersey and he may possibly be one of the coolest teachers to walk this earth. When I was in school, I couldn’t really relate with any of my teachers over any kind of music let alone hip-hop, but Mr. Mooney has completely changed the teacher-student paradigm by convincing Kendrick Lamar to pop in and spend some time with his studnets.

It all started when a couple of eager students started telling Brian things like “I wanna rap” and “I wanna dance”. He decided to create a class where students could learn and express themselves through all aspects of hip-hop, so Mooney decided to incorporate some lyrics from To Pimp A Butterfly into his students’ schoolwork and a crazy thing happened. After putting the work up on his blog, Kendrick’s team saw Mooney’s concept and contacted the teacher to let him know Kendrick loved the concept and was eager to visit the school. Seriously, this is the kind of shit I’d imagine was happening around me in school rather than focusing on doing my actual work, but these guys made it a reality. Check the evidence above.

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