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In part 2 of the ‘Lines & Notes’ Hit-Boy series, Hit-Boy continues speaking with STASHED about his past and present collaborations.

Having been the creator of the beats behind A$AP Rocky’s hits ‘1 Train’ and ‘Goldie’, Hit-Boy reveals it was just a mutual interest in each other’s craft that brought them together. STASHED also gets the drop on how Hit-Boy feels about Jay-Z Interview pt.2 and if he prefers producing or rapping. A huge supporter of the youth movement that’s currently dominating hip-hop, Hit-Boy gives a nod to K Roosevelt who he’s currently working with on the America’s Most Watned Tour, stating that he’s one of the most talented people he’s ever come across. Most excitingly however, he hints at how he’s in the process of developing a follow-up to HITstory and that he’s currently working someone unexpected in the studio.