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In another episode of Kanye West Vs the Paparazzi, this time set at LAX Airport back in July, the rapper gets physical with his proclaimed arch-nemisis – the paparazzo.

Video footage shows a verbal argument between Yeezus and the paparazzo turning ugly as West gets ghetto with what looks like a push, a shove and a headlock. With several seconds of chaotic video footage clearly showing the paparazzo was dropped to the ground, the alleged ‘victim’ thought this was evidence enough to sue.

After robbery, vandalism and assault charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence, the paparazzo now wants to sue after claiming he spent two weeks on crutches, followed by a walking stick stint. This will most likely fail as well, as you will see at the end of the video the camera is soon returned to the correct angle to film West’s getaway.

But according to the paparazzo’s lawyer, all he really wants is an apology. Really? In the end, no baby daddy status is gonna stop Kanye from doing what he wants.

Watch the TMZ video for yourself above.

Jamie-Maree Shipton