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For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to witness the show in real-life (and get your hands on one of those next-level tour shirts), John Colantra is an absolute godsend. The man recently joined ACCLAIM editor Sean Irving – who wrote this definitive recap of his experiences at the Yeezus tour – in the effort to chronicle the historic string of performances.

According to KTT, the guy spent over 7-months of his life “compiling footage from almost every stop on the Yeezus tour to make one cohesive film”. The film which makes use of both professional and guerilla-style footage “flows beautifully and not a single major aspect of the Yeezus tour goes unnoticed.”

Diehard Kanye fans will no-doubt be aware that an official Yeezus tour-film directed by Hype Williams is set to hit theatres in the near-future, but until that day comes Colantra’s effort is more than adequate. Anyone living under a rock can watch the trailer for the official film here.

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