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Since the mainstream media has managed to create a social environment where hating Kanye has to be your default position, many have forgotten that the guy is a real person (and a legitimate genius as well, deal with it). Videos like this from his early career go a long way to remind us of that fact as we see a College Dropout era Ye sitting around at his late mum Donda’s house. Mrs. West shows us exactly how much of a fan she really was by spitting some formative Kanye verses almost line for line, and then the duo follow it up with an energetic impromptu performance of an early version of Late Registration’s ‘Hey Mama’ in the kitchen.

It’s very touching to see the relationship the two had, and it’s clear the loss had a significant effect on Ye – it’s the reason we got 808s & Heartbreak, and he even named his creative agency DONDA after her. His performance of ‘Hey Mama’ at the 2008 Grammys immediately after her death was amazing as well, and is a great reminder that we all just need to go and visit our mums and hug them right now.

Watch the video and embrace the love in the gallery above.

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