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Watch: MIA – ‘Rewear It’

Joining forces with H&M recycling campaign

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Would you have expected a collaboration between musician MIA and clothing giant H&M? Probably not. Yet the two have joined forces in the name of social advocacy, in order to raise awareness for World Recycle Week beginning April 18, for her new tune ‘Rewear It’.

“Regenerate the nation,” demands MIA on a pile of material amidst a city landscape.

She talks to Vogue about the important incentives surrounding the campaign, with the goal of obtaining 1,000 tons of used clothing items from H&M shoppers. “If all [H&M] do is go and inspire another high-street brand to get in on caring and being conscious, or if H&M gets criticized for any of their factory processes, these are all good things. We should discuss them in public and we should have this back and forth. At least they’re even stepping into the [environmentally conscious] arena. Any of those things is progressive, and I think you have to give it a chance.”

Either way, it’s catchy. Check out the vid above.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

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