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The man who gets away with intensely stalking celebrities by calling it his job, Nardwuar, recently re-uploaded one of his greatest interviews from the lost archives: his encounter with rapper/entreprenuer/juggernaut/the list goes on, Waka Flocka Flame, back in 2012.

The two immediately hit it off. Waka is probably the most impressed a guest has ever been at the human serviette’s antics, and it’s hilarious to watch the Brick Squad leader get his mind blown again and again by the uber-specific presents and bizarre lines of questioning. “You just fucked me up! Yo, this guy’s really on it, man,” the punk-rap pioneers says on one of many occasions where he literally can’t even.

By the videos end, Flocka’s brother Wooh Da Kid formally knights the Canadian interviewer into the Brick Squad with his diamond chain, then when Nardwuar finally gets into his final trademark statue pose, Waka can’t take it and starts to ROFL, IRL.

Watch the madness unfold above.

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