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Yung Lean and his Sad Boys crew have been enjoying some Canadian hospitality while touring North America. After meeting Justin Bieber in LA, Yung Lean, Yung Sherman, Yung Gud and Bladee from Gravity Boys got the giggles with fellow Canadian Nardwuar in Vancouver.

Maybe it’s Nardwuar’s attempt at singing a freshly-18-years-old Yung Lean a happy birthday in Swedish. Or maybe it’s the celebrity interviewer reciting Lean’s lines “Popping pills like zits / While someone vomits on your mosquito tits,” also in Swedish. Or maybe it’ the just the vaporiser the Yung Sherman and Yung Gud are pulling on.

Whatever the case, this interviews reveals Yung Lean as an early Daniel Johnson fan, taps into his favourite Scandinavian sweets and that suggests that maybe the Sad Boys aren’t as sad as you’d think.

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