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Slipping back into his Dogg persona, Snoop has collab’d with Psy, of ubiquitous ‘Gangnam Style’ fame, in their pissy single ‘Hangover’.

This probably has something to do with Psy’s December 2013 appearance on Snoop’s Double G Network where Psy works the conversation around to drinking, and Snoop covertly asks him whether he gets a hangover when he drinks. *Cue knowing laughter.*

Who knows how this shit really came together, but the chubby Korean party-starter and OG stoner pairing shows more chemistry in their video than Gosling has with any of his love interests. The video is seemingly a lesson on how to get Korean-wasted that dictates that you hit up karaoke before the carnival and then to the pool hall before starting a 50-man brawl that spills into the street. Watch and learn.


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