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As evidenced by Pusha T’s new album My Name Is My Name, it’s plain to see that ol’ Push goes pretty damn hard. In this roundtable interview the self-proclaimed ‘golden child of G.O.O.D. music’ sits down to chat about just how hard he goes, with some of the biggest hip-hop bloggers in the world.

From the snippets he lets us glimpse at, he might not be wrong. A beat drops and he becomes full of fire, lip-syncing and staring down some of the bloggers in a very intimidating fashion. Dude got some energy. He shows off a little bit of a Kendrick verse that gets everyone at the table as giddy as school girls and then goes on to tell a tale about how Joaquin Phoenix was involved with beat for the album’s first track King Push. At the start of the interview he proclaims that this will be the best rap album of the year, he might be right.

William Miller