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Being interviewed by Nardwuar has become a left of field right of passage for any burgeoning artist in pop culture. The inquisitive oddity of music journalism always finds out some borderline stalker-capable-of-identity-theft information on his prey that probably makes celebs want to put locks on their rubbish bins but titillates fans hungry for a fleshed out back story.

Because of that reputation as an interviewing savant, his Rae Sremmurd interview is, I’m surprised to say, weak. I wanted to find out something about the guardians of #Sremmlife via quirky gifts but all Nardwuar focussed on was the link between Rae Sremmurd and Elvis Presley. They’re from Tupelo, Mississippi. So is Elvis. Cool. This is shit we know Nardwuar! There was a Kool Moe Dee vinyl gift too but that was due to a reference on a song. Not even some unreleased mix-tape record that was brought down from bandcamp after being live for two weeks – this was from a ‘No Flex Zone’ lyric. Unfortunately, it looks like Nardwuar just phoned this one in.

The only redeeming piece of objectively interesting information is that their mother is a manager of some artist called (I think) PD Moe and that she used to be in the army. Everything else that the Human Serviette highlights is pretty standard fare.

Harsh critique of a very fun interview aside, you can’t watch Rae Sremmurd for any length of time and not be sucked into their unrelenting positivity. Especially when hearing Swae explain how he fell off his skate board because of his awesomeness:

“As you know I’m a mother fucking awesome ass guy and I was skating down this big-ass hill and gravity got the better of me”

Word Swae. Word.

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