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Raider Klan, led by SpaceGhostPurrp, notorious for his sinister production style and beef with A$AP Rocky, take us on a tour through their Miami.

Lowriders, gold grills and abandoned streets – this is the picture they paint. “It’s not a lifestyle; it’s a culture,” says Purrp at one point, showing the cameras around his local mall and the front of a supermarket known for being one of the Klan’s spots.

In the beginning of the video a member of Raider Klan compares 2013 Miami to ’90s L.A. – a melting pot of creativity and hardship that produced some of the most widely accepted rap music ever. Raider Klan are trying to do the same thing, taking their inspiration from the streets, spinning wheels and gold grills they might just be on to something.

“This is where we come from. This is where we raised – it’s what we put to music.”

William Miller

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