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Another year, another drama for Hot 97‘s Summer Jam. This year, it’s all about RiFF RAFF. After a particularly uncomfortable interview on Hot 97 (which you can watch above), where program director Ebro accuses the rapper of being a parody of black stereotypes, comes the news that RiFF RAFF will not be barred from performing at the Hot 97 event. This news comes in the wake of the divisive rapper landing second place in a Summer Jam fan ballot. The response has been mixed with some supporting Hot 97 and others accusing the festival organisers of not giving the people what they want and letting personal opinion get in the way of professionalism.

In the Hot 97 radio interview RiFF RAFF defends his authenticity from Ebro’s accusations of using black culture for profit, and tells the program director not to hate him cause he’s flamboyant and white.

See below Riff Raff’s tweets in the aftermath.

Mica Nantes