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Watch: Riff Raff – ‘Carlos Slim’

The Peach Panther vs the cartel

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Riff Raff is certainly hard to ignore. Not only is the rapper verbally outspoken (and comes up with some ridiculously classic one-liners) but he has definitely not toned down his love of loud fashion, and his most recent incarnation The Peach Panther has been taken out for its latest excursion in his new video for ‘Carlos Slim’.

Fitted out in his now signature peach suit, the not-so-slim Raff finds himself in a somewhat dicey situation in Mexico after stopping to ‘save’ an attractive woman who just happens to be lying alone in the middle of a desert street. Cue guns, gangsters, and some of those wrestling moves we assume he’s been practicing all this time, and you’ve got a classic Riff Raff music video.

Riff Raff’s new album (you guessed it) Peach Panther is due out on June 24.

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