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Oh Rolling Stone, how far you’ve fallen. The title that was founded in ’67 and fostered literary luminaries like Hunter S. Thompson seems to be permanently stuck in the golden age – pining for the years of cock rock and studded leather. To mark their 10th anniversary Rolling Stone Italy have launched a video that takes a stab directly at the DJ/EDM community. Directed by Federico Brugia and Filmmaster Productions, the short clip labels DJs as “criminals licensed to shoot shit into our eardrums” and “third class whores who give it away to the first bidder.”

Now obviously this video is deliberately calculated to generate controversy, and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be successful to that end. But is there anything sadder than a cultural dinosaur bitching about how everything was better in their day? You know what happened to the dinosaurs? THEY GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT AND MAMMALS TOOK OVER AND RAN SHIT. Digital technology is the meteorite homies, it’s time to look up.